If BSV is being mocked by ignorant internet trolls as the “weather chain”, we may as well own it. This morning I was listening to Paul Chiari’s presentation for the second time (355 views on YouTube!) about the proof-of-concept project Weather SV (New Business Models with Climate Data) from the previous Coingeek conference.

I also happened upon the “Handcash Friends” site and noticed that there is an actual event planned for later today!


Thu Jan 30 2020 21:00

(Pacific Time, based on the countdown?)

I am just the messenger. I don’t now who runs the site but it appears to be a grassroots initiative.

The call to action is: ” Come in numbers, try break the chain & DDoS our website!

Ummm. I suppose that if a grassroots fun event ends up breaking your blockchain service, there is a problem. So, I’m thinking that Handcash is well aware and prepared for the payment “spam” testers.

I’ll probably test out the site later. There are three options:

  • Mistmaker (multisend to 20 random Handcash handles)
  • Rainmaker (multisend to 50 random Handcash handles)
  • or THOR! (multisend to 100 random Handcash handles)

It’s been quiet on the dev front on social media. I think this is a good thing. Y’all must be busy with your heads down preparing for the Genesis upgrade or the next CambrianSV bootcamp or Pitch Day at Coingeek or whatever else. 😉