“Unwavering Faith + Extraordinary Effort”

I couldn’t remember which recent podcast interview this equation originated from (the exact wording of “unwavering faith” and “extraordinary effort”). But it was memorable enough to have stuck in my brain.

A quick google search led to this:

= The Miracle Equation

by Hal Elrod

I’m an embarrassingly avid consumer of books and podcasts in the inspirational, “self-help” genre. They help to counteract the get-rich-quick culture of “crypto” and instant gratification culture of our day.

“Personal development” (a.k.a. “self help”) genre, summarized by me:

  • work smarter
  • work harder and take consistent daily action towards your goals
  • take care of your physical and mental/emotional health
  • be nice to people (includes being mentored, mentoring, paying it forward)
  • strive to contribute to a vision greater than yourself, for the benefit of humanity (not just yourself and your inner circle)