I watched too many sitcoms while growing up.

And yes, I am old enough to have watched “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” the first time around. Now my friends’ kids (and mine) are watching old episodes that are being re-aired which is simultaneously quite funny and horrifying.

I noticed there is some poetry action happening on #BSV Twitter and Twetch at the moment. Somebody, quick, write the lyrics for this story!

Apparently there are some cringe-y crypto music videos with re-written lyrics (for BTC) circulating around so hopefully I am not barking up the wrong tree. (The Fresh Prince is classic. Fight me.)

p.s. When you put your mind to a mission, the universe (and other people) tend to help you along in mysterious ways. Today we experienced an hours-long power outage here on a windy day so I was going to post a slightly grainy photo of today’s doodle, due to lack of access to my scanner. One minute before I was about to post a sub-par photo on social media, the power came back and I was able to scan/edit the image for y’all.