In case you were wondering, the recurring mainstream narrative arcs are eventually coming straight for the jugular of Bitcoin. They’re kind of on the backburners at the moment due to COVID and US political crises.

If these mainstream media narrative focal points intensify after a Tether meltdown it will be a spectacular challenge for BSV to rise from the ashes. Like a phoenix or dragon or something.

There are many desperate people pinning their hopes and dreams for a unicorn investment in BTC. Every day on Twitter we observe hype being created to “pump” the FOMO on “digital gold” going to the moon.

hot tip: If you’re not in the market for a fancy, overpriced play kitchen, or don’t have the space, you can easily mock one up with a little table (or even a cardboard box) and a Rubbermaid dishpan or container as the sink. Kids don’t mind because they have excellent imaginations.