Dimely is a Recommended App in the RelayX wallet. It’s in a limited beta testing phase. You can create a profile and set a price per minute for your time, on a sliding scale. The price can even be negative, which means someone can be paid to chat with you, which is an interesting method of onboarding someone to BSV. It should be interesting to see whether some entrepreneurs can use this app and their creativity to earn by providing value to others, whether through consulting, tutoring, counselling, and more.

Disclosure: I have not used the app to make or receive any calls yet, but I did manage to create a profile for testing purposes and set the slider for $100/minute, lol, to discourage people from calling me for the time being.

Here’s a snippet of one of the first calls made on the video calling app:
RelayX Dimely.io Brand New Video Calls on BSV
(video by BSV Business Show)