This is an exciting time for “BSV society” and beyond. Entrepreneurs are introducing their fledgling businesses and we’re starting to see coopetition in the market for survival.

Some BSV entrepreneurs happen to be expanding their own families with baby humans at the same time. Babies everywhere!

[“Babies” featured in this doodle:


Twetch ]

In some ways a business is like a baby. Constant care and attention is needed in the early weeks, months, and years. There are late (sleepless?) nights during teething pains and accidents or emergencies. When you’re the parent the buck stops with you. Nobody cares as much about your baby as you do. (Hopefully you have a partner with whom to share both the joy and sleeplessness.)

And, of course, your baby is always the cutest baby (to you). 😉

I’m a bit tempted to share a whole bunch of nostalgic thoughts about mothering babies, but that would probably be a mistake. I loved the baby stage, and everything that has followed (coming up to fifteen years soon). A dear relation once told me that your children will feel like an extension of your own body (as a mother) until they are about the age of 10. And I concur.

What I do know is that nobody really likes to be given unsolicited advice on *how* to raise a baby. Other people cannot presume to know what is best for your baby and family.

(Unsolicited parenting tip from my dad, to me: If your child ever suffers a scalding injury due to boiling water or hot oil, it is the parent’s fault. Always use the the back burner on the stove when deep frying and never leave the pot of oil unattended. No running in the kitchen or goofing around in the vicinity of the stove.)

A support network is invaluable, for parents and entrepreneurs alike. Many of my closest friends and acquaintances are people with whom I’ve shared the journey of growing alongside one another as mothers, over more than a decade now. We’ve traded stories, tips, recipes, favours and carpooling (which is actually trading time). I’d imagine that a similar journey is happening amongst developers and entrepreneurs of the current cohort who are growing their businesses on Bitcoin. One starting point is probably _unwriter’s Atlantis slack group, from which I’d imagine some subgroups of peers are forming mutually supportive networks, building on the same small-world Bitcoin (BSV) network. (I’m guessing because I’m not a member of the Atlantis slack.)

Anyways, this will be an interesting process of figuring out which Bitcoin app babies will survive in the wild. As a person who likes to make stuff (i.e. “create content”), it’s simultaneously exciting and exhausting. Each new app/platform is another opportunity to “build a following” which currently translates to YET ANOTHER ONLINE PLACE I must go to upload images, respond to comments, keep up with the timelines, and strive to connect peer to peer (heart to heart, brain to brain, etc.). If we’ve been peers since the days of (running on BCH, and then BSV), you know what I am talking about. There’s no way to find out whether a business model or incentive structure will work other than actually trying it out.

pow, ergo ping.