Originally published on Yours.org on May 30, 2018.

58 of #100DaysofSatoshiDoodles

The context of this post is the barrage of warped (defensive?) commentary in parts of the BTC/Core community on social media in the aftermath of this debate between Samson Mow (“Chief Strategy Officer” of Blockstream) and Roger Ver at Deconomy 2018.

I really struggle to explain how anyone might find it funny to continuously joke about babies dying. I was going to ignore the sheer stupidity of the baby jokes, but after it dragged on for many weeks, that became increasingly difficult.

This is from my perspective as a mother who has thus far raised two babies beyond the age of 10. Don’t congratulate me or anything, but even with healthy children there has been the odd trip to the hospital emergency room. I have friends who have experienced the sorrow of stillbirth, miscarriages, and real-life challenges of parenting children with critical health issues. This is from my perspective as a human.

It says a lot about community standards of humanity and morality when people with large crypto-twitter followings encourage the continuous mocking of Roger Ver’s concern for the well-being of babies in countries that lack economic freedom. Say, contrast this (from well before the debate, but sums up an attitude):

or this

with this:

and this previously posted Yours.org article by @solitude:https://www.yours.org/content/oh–roger-ver-is-so-stupid–he-thinks-babies-are-dying-because-of-less-b5dfbc93cdc6

In conclusion, I’ll just leave this here, a reminder from Tim Ferriss (attributed to Jim Rohn):

“You are the average of the five people you most associate with.”

I think this applies to both real life and online interactions. You can come to your own conclusions.