Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands and curate your experience.

I’m not cool like my dad is cool. He’s the one currently curating his own boomer “pandemic” experience by pitching and sleeping in a teepee, complete with a tiny woodstove, in his own backyard.

Curating your own experience online is becoming increasingly difficult on legacy social media platforms due to algorithms nudging you towards insanity.

When was first released several months ago, I didn’t quite “get” what it was all about, except for noticing a LOT of new bots on

Recently, @cryptoAcorns (the creator of Windbell) made a helpful video to complement some articles he’d written to explain the concept for Windbell app.

And the impending influx of Twitter refugees into Twetch prompted me to explore the idea of curating my own noise (information feed). The follow-for-follow strategy is probably not going to work out moving forward.

After watching the explainer, I set up three “windbells” for these Twitter accounts:




It costs money to set up the windbells but you can earn from curation.

You can follow these Windbells on at @17094, @17096, and @17097!

The main question I had was about whether the original content creator would receive earnings when a windbell of their account is created, and I believe this was addressed in the explanatory video (but it’s 39 minutes long and I forgot to timestamp that answer).

Then I made a “Windbell Mix” called Leadership Mix and sent it to a new chat/messaging thread.

Now whenever I log into I hope to hear the gentle wind chimes of some of my favourite “thought leaders”, to drown out the noise.

p.s. I currently cannot find the third windbell for @17097 on Twetch at the moment. Where did it go?