Congratulations to KaChing on reaching their crowdfunding goal on their Indiegogo campaign. Time for a party at the tip of the BSV iceberg?

Of course, you can still support, with 27 days left, and get in on the first batch of KaChing cards (offline BSV wallet cards) for your cold storage or other needs.

The “cold storage” use case seems to be the tip of the iceberg for the card’s range of functionality (*cough* tokens).

[Note: This is not a paid endorsement. I cannot yet confirm that the cards work as advertised but there is a public video demo of a prototype card in action. These cards look like a useful product for storing or gifting crypto at a reasonable price, especially compared with other hardware or offline wallet products.]

p.s. SORRY! I’m still quite backlogged on the number of BSV projects and things/people that have not yet been featured in a doodle. There’s a long and growing list (including many which are on a BSV ecosystem chart maintained by @PeergameCom which I can’t seem to find a link to), plus my pile of sticky notes. If it’s any consolation, the more I draw, the more I’m slowly improving so by the time I get around to drawing some belated doodles, it’ll probably be better than it would have looked several months ago.