A few days ago, on Christmas Eve…

Browsing Twitter, come across something about “post your bored waifu and the rare sirloin she is cooking for you”…

Me, thinking: I am certainly not a bored waifu. I have so much to do all of the time. Let me check out these sirloins though…

A few minutes later…

Me: Do you like my new NFT?

Son: Mom, you bought an NFT? WHY?

Me: Because it’s cute and has some of my favourite things, such as a duck, a sirloin steak, watermelon, AND a fried egg!

Son: How much did you pay for it?

Me: $10? or $15?

Son: rolls eyes and shakes head


The newly acquired pixelated NFT Rare Sirloin has been turned into a piece of kitchen art (rendered with acryla gouche paint). It is in the corner above the lazy susan with weird jars of fermenting things.

p.s. This is the first NFT series on Twetch.com Market that has an aesthetic cute enough to make me want to purchase one.

p.p.s. My first attempt to buy a Rare Sirloin on mobile (Android with Chrome browser) failed twice with an error. By that time, the NFT sirloin I originally was looking at (also with a duck on the side, but on a blue patterned background) was no longer available. So I settled on this one. I had to use my laptop though.

p.p.p.s. Tragically, I cut half an inch too much on the left side when trimming this piece so had to compensate by pre-framing it in a gimmicky way before sticking it in a matted frame.

The tragic cut
Happy kitchen art

Sometimes it’s the little things in life.