Asia is a large and diverse continent.

Due to a bit of a language barrier, I’m not as up to speed on recently developed apps coming from especially the Chinese-speaking contingent of developers working on BSV.

I’ve been hearing about:

  1. CityonChain

The best description of this app I’ve found so far is here. While the concept sounds like a promising one, the cities (originally priced at $1) seem to have mostly been bought up by city name squatters and there is a market for “owning” cities (the privilege of managing a city). I haven’t had time to find an example of an ideally managed exemplar city, with useful-looking functions yet. If I had the time and motivation, and didn’t mind paying a squatting city “owner”, it would be interesting to build up information for a local city that I care about, but since they are priced in the hundreds (or thousands) and I am short on time, I will leave the on-chain city management market to others.

2. Weiblock

Competitor to Twetch and Twitter? Unfortunately, I am at social media platform saturation. But it looks like there’s a developing community of users, with a different incentive structure than Twetch.

3. Bitmesh (offering a new email service?)

and I’m sure there are many more in progress.